Who We Are

Studio MBUS703 is a group of media artists who conduct a diverse array of artistic experiments in virtual spaces and real spaces alike. Under the leadership of Chiwook Nho, the group explores and researches new media that combines technology and art. Recently, they have been searching for new meta-possibilities in the spaces of the metaverse. Ultimately, they hope to provide a holistic artistic experience through new creative works in music and light that link back to reality-based media art.

What We Do


  • Design Metaverse Virtual Space Architectural  / Creation Special Studio
  • Planning & Management Metaverse Event
  • Development 3D Content : Character virtual, Educational Modeling
  • Produce & Agency NFT
  • Planning Metaverse NFT Exhibition
  • Online Exhibition (3D Exhibition implementation Virtual Space or Real)
  • Produce Online Content (Scanning Space and Sculpture with 3D Camera)


  • Planning Media Art Exhibition
  • Creation Immersive Media Art
  • Creation Online Viewing Rooms
  • Management & Planning Overseas Exhibition


  • Development Metaverse Education Solution
  • Metaverse Creative Workshop
  • Lecture and Seminar
  • Creation and Support Metaverse Space Educative

History of MBUS703

2021.10 Beyond White Cube - Art Gwangju 21 - NFT Metaverse Exhibition #1

Beyond White Cube, Special Metaverse Exhibition Art:Gwangju:21 X Studio Mbus703

2021.11 Actually, the dead are not dead - Total Museum Ansung

Actually, the dead are not dead, Metaverse Exhibition, Total Museum Ansung Yogi

2021.12 Sandan Pre-Biennale Metaverse Exhibition

2021 산단 프레 비엔날레, 소촌 아트팩토리, 광산구, 광주광역시

2021.12 Media Portrait - Poeun Art Gallery Yongin Foundation

"Media Portrait : Me and another me" Metaverse Exhibition
2022.02 Nho Chiwook & Ha Seok-jun co-found MBUS703

2022.04 Meteor Shower - NFT Metaverse Exhibition #2

2022.05 Meta Cube - NFT Metaverse Exhibition #3

META-CUBE, Special Exhibition on Metaverse - Korea Art Show X Studion Mbus703

2022.07 Beyond The Scene - Total Museum

Beyond The Scene, The 3rd BTS Global Interdisciplinary Conference, Special Exhibition, 2022.07.01. - 07.31., Total Museum - Metaverse Space by MBUS703

2022.08 Meta Mok-ri Art Village - Hwasungsi Cultural Foundation

메타 목리창작촌, 스튜디오 엠버스703, 이윤기 작가 메타버스 작업실, 화성시문화재단

2022.10 Legende of Meta 1004 island - Bomulsun 3.0 - ACC

Legend of Meta-1004 island

2022.10 Meta Sumunjang Art Fair - NFT Metaverse Exhibition #4

2022.10 Meta Park - Korea Tech University - Metaverse Compus

Meta Campus of Korea Tech, Creation by Studio MBUS703 on Spatial Metaverse Platform

2022.11 Asia Culture Center, Space 2 Metaverse

국립아시아문화전당 Asia Culture Center, 복합전시관 2 (Space 2), 메타버스 전시공간, Metaverse Exhibition Space - 엠버스703
2022.12 Studio MBUS703 X Korea Institute of Metaverse Technology MOU
2023.02 Studio MBUS703 X Gyeonggi University of Science and Technology MOU